Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ep. 160 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Paper Towns (Moonrise Kingdom vs. The Kings of Summer)

On this episode we are joined by Jessica & Non from the podcast JOY SANDWICH, to run away and recapture our youth with two films: MOONRISE KINGDOM and THE KINGS OF SUMMER. But first, a road trip, tracking down clues for the new release PAPER TOWNS.

0:00 - War Machine vs. War Horse Theme

0:30 - Episode intro

1:10 - Paper Towns trailer

3:30 - Paper Towns review

35:43 - Moonrise Kingdom/The Kings of Summer clips

37:06 - Discussion on missing kids in love movies with Jessica & Non of Joy Sandwich.

1:36:54 - Outro with music.

1:38:22 - Now what?

PotterWeek Episode of Pop Culture Case Study - PotterHouses

Our second Minisode for #Potterweek is up!  Britt and Dave give you a recipe for delicious alcoholic butterbeer and then discuss the Houses of Hogwarts.  If you listen closely, you might notice Britt has a small bias for one house in particular! :)

For more info on #Potterweek go to comrom.co/announcing-potterweek.

Episode 56 of Hydrate Level Four - Actor AJ LoCascio / Marty McFly

I interviewed voice actor AJ LoCascio who is known for his work on Telltale's Back to the Future: The Game as Marty McFly. We discuss his childhood and his love for the franchise. AJ gives us some of his impressions and I also get the chance to interview Marty McFly himself!! A must listen for all fans!

AJ on Twitter
AJ on Facebook
AJ's YouTube channel

Clip of AJ performing at the Enchanted Under the Sea dance as discussed on the show.
Outro audio: AJ LoCascio Interview (clip) from Gamespot

Sunday, July 26, 2015

PotterWeek Episode of Pop Culture Case Study - PotterPeeps

Pop Culture Case Study and Fangirl Fixation officially join Common Room's #PotterWeek!  We wax philosophical about our favorite characters and storylines.  Plus, Britt schools Dave on how these books actually start.  Fun!
For more info on #Potterweek go to comrom.co/announcing-potterweek.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Episode 55 of Hydrate Level Four - Southpaw

Peter was joined by a couple of friends to give a non-spoiler recommendation of Southpaw. Afterwards Peter gets into his thoughts about the movie in this bonus review!

Episode 65 of Pop Culture Case Study - Birdman and Psychosis

In this episode, Dave takes a look at the Academy Award winner for Best Picture last year, Birdman.  Britt discusses why she will probably never watch it again.  Then, Dave discusses the film in terms of the main character's obvious psychosis.  Enjoy!
Fangirl Fixation: 0:03:50
Birdman: 0:36:31

Ep. 159 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Trainwreck (The 40-Year-Old Virgin vs. Knocked Up)

On this episode we have TWO guests as Dave from the podcast Pop Culture Case Study was kind enough to accept my collect call from the awful state of Ohio, as we did a Trainwreck mini-review on the road to finish off our Sex With Judd Apatow triple feature that includes THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN or KNOCKED UP trying to seduce my co-host Shane Conner and Megan from the Screams and Moans podcast.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ep. 06 of Original Remake: The Heartbreak Kid 1972 and 2007

On this episode we give our hearts to Charles Grodin and Ben Stiller in two versions of THE HEARTBREAK KID. Which will sweep us off our feet and which will break our heart? Guest WEB BIST from the podcast IT'S TERRIFIC joins us to help choose an appropriate movie marriage match.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ep. 158 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Ant-Man (The Borrowers vs. The Secret World of Arrietty)

On this episode we are inspired to think small with guest Paul from the BLOKEBUSTERS podcast as we watch THE BORROWERS go up against THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY in a battle of tiny thieves taking orders from Marvel's latest release ANT-MAN.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Episode 54 of Hydrate Level Four - Ant-Man

Peter is joined by Anton Balane, of Projct Fandom and UnSpoiled! Podcast, to discuss review Ant-Man! Anton gives a back story on the character and gives insights from the comic books perspective.