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THE True Bromance Film Podcast - Molly's Game

Episode 187 Aaron Sorkin is highly acclaimed for his entertaining screenwriting but he has never directed his own film. Sorkin changes that with his debut film, Molly's Game, that casts Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom and Idris Elba as the lawyer who takes on the task of absolving her from the crimes of running a high stakes poker game for the stars. MOVIES DISCUSSED THIS WEEK: Colossal, Peaky Blinders, Abundant Acreage Available, Brigsby Bear, The Hero, Molly's Game

Ep. 186 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Steve Jobs (Pirates of Silicon Valley vs. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine)

On this episode we steal, like all great artists do, from the new Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin film STEVE JOBS by using our own three act structure focused on different movie launches on this man’s life.  In the TNT television film PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY, the focus is primarily on the battle Jobs and Apple had with Bill Gates and Microsoft, released at a time when Microsoft was the clear victor in this battle back in 1999. Then we jump ahead to a new documentary that arrived this year from Alex Gibney called STEVE JOBS: THE MAN IN THE MACHINE. This film questions the deification of Jobs by the general public and thus offends me as I type this on my iMac. But first, returning guest Ben from the podcast  Cinematic For the People  joins me for a film that presents the deification of Aaron Sorkin in STEVE JOBS.