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LISA FRANKENSTEIN isn't just a movie; it's a love letter to the misfits, the goths, and the dreamers of the '80s era. Director Zelda Williams crafts a stunning debut, blending horror and comedy into a neon-soaked homage that resonates with both swooning romance and biting humor. Diablo Cody's script shines with its signature wit, likely paving the way for another cult classic akin to Jennifer's Body. Set in 1989, Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) is a high school senior navigating a new town haunted by her tragic past. Her father's hasty remarriage and a stepfamily straight out of a nightmare compound her sense of isolation. But when a bolt of green lightning resurrects the charming Creature (Cole Sprouse) from his grave, Lisa finds an unlikely ally in her quest for love and acceptance. Visually and aurally stunning, LISA FRANKENSTEIN transports viewers to a world of moody neons and dreamy aesthetics. Director of Photography Paula Huidobro and the creative team per

MIGRATION 4K Blu-ray Review

The Film While Illumination Entertainment's films may not always win over the critics, there's no denying the joy they bring to young audiences.  MIGRATION  is no exception, offering a delightful adventure that had my 8-year-old positively beaming from start to finish. One of the standout aspects of  MIGRATION  is its animation, which is undeniably impressive. Illumination Entertainment consistently delivers in this department, with vibrant colors, intricate details, and smooth character movements that draw viewers into the story. The sound design further enhances the experience, immersing audiences in the world of the film and showcasing the studio's technical prowess. At its core,  MIGRATION  is a tale of self-discovery and stepping outside one's comfort zone. The protagonist, Mack, leads a family of ducks on a cross-country journey filled with colorful characters and valuable life lessons. Mike White's screenplay strikes a balance between entertaining young audie

THE HOLDOVERS Blu-ray Review

The Film THE HOLDOVERS is a masterfully crafted film set in a New England boarding school during the 1970s, directed by Alexander Payne. The story centers around Barton, an all-boys institution where students spend their Christmas holidays under the supervision of the grumpy and pompous Paul Hunham, portrayed brilliantly by Paul Giamatti. As an ancient civilizations instructor, Hunham prides himself on failing even the most influential politicians' offspring. Giamatti's performance is noteworthy for the depth he brings to the character, moving beyond the traditional stereotype to create a multifaceted and unpredictable figure. The movie initially seems like a typical prep-school yarn, where the students go against their sharp-tongued instructor. However, the story takes an unexpected turn when one of the students presents an opportunity that takes away four of the boys, leaving Angus Tully (played by Dominic Sessa) behind due to unapproachable parents. Under Payne's skillfu


THE DEVIL'S PARTNER THE DEVIL'S PARTNER is a lesser-known classic horror film that combines folk horror, supernatural elements, and moral ambiguity. The movie, directed by Charles R. Rondeau, was released in 1961 and takes place in a seemingly idyllic rural community in the Pacific Northwest where dark forces lurk beneath the surface. The movie introduces us to an enigmatic and reclusive figure, Old Scratch, portrayed by Ed Nelson, who lives in a small town nestled in the dense forests of Washington State. The film establishes an eerie atmosphere quickly, with the dense woods and misty landscapes becoming characters in their own right. The cinematography by John M. Nickolaus Jr. captures the ominous beauty of the surroundings, enhancing the film's overall sense of foreboding. THE DEVIL'S PARTNER explores the consequences of striking deals with malevolent forces. The protagonist, an aging farmer named Mark Lemmon played by Edgar Buchanan, finds himself in a Faustian pact


The Films THE TERROR THE TERROR, a 1963 horror film directed by Roger Corman, is a testament to the power of creativity emerging from constrained circumstances. Shot on a shoestring budget and using leftover sets from another Corman production, "The Raven," this film takes us on an atmospheric journey into gothic horror that showcases Corman's ability to work within limitations. The story follows Lieutenant Andre Duvalier (played by Jack Nicholson), a young French officer lost in the dense, eerie fog along the coast of the Baltic Sea. While wandering, he comes across a mysterious woman named Helene (played by Sandra Knight), whose ethereal beauty captivates him. As Duvalier becomes entangled in the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Helene, he finds himself drawn to a foreboding castle and its mysterious inhabitants. One of the strengths of THE TERROR lies in its atmospheric cinematography and set design. Despite the film's modest budget, Corman and his team skillful

Babylon 5 The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

In the realm of science fiction television, few series have made as much of an impact as "Babylon 5." Created by J. Michael Straczynski, this space opera spanned five seasons and captivated audiences with its intricate narrative, well-developed characters, and innovative use of a long-form narrative structure. "Babylon 5: The Complete Series" is a journey through the galaxy that remains influential and relevant decades after it first aired. The Unique Universe of Babylon 5 Set in the 23rd century, a time of interstellar conflicts, political maneuvering, and the search for peace among various alien species, "Babylon 5" introduces us to the eponymous space station. Located in neutral territory, Babylon 5 becomes a symbol of hope, a place where different species can come together to negotiate and avoid the warfare that has plagued the galaxy. One of the hallmarks of Babylon 5 is its dedication to world-building. Unlike many of its contemporaries, which favore

OPPENHEIMER 4K Blu-ray Review

The Film Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed filmmaker, has taken on a new challenge with his latest movie, a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer. Commonly known as "The Father of the Atomic Bomb," Oppenheimer played a significant role in shaping the latter half of the 20th century. The film, titled OPPENHEIMER, follows three distinct time periods, starting with Robert's academic pursuits at Cambridge in 1926. Later, the story moves to 1942, where Robert becomes involved in the Manhattan Project, a secret mission to construct a nuclear weapon to defeat the Nazis. The film then weaves through 1954 and 1959, exploring a hearing questioning Robert's security clearance and a Senate confirmation hearing, respectively. Initially, viewers might find the narrative's temporal shifts disorienting but they soon settle into the story of OPPENHEIMER. As the film progresses, it gradually becomes a symphonic narrative. Nolan artfully immerses the audience in the intricacies of the p

THE WARRIORS 4K Blu-ray Review

Arrow Videos release of THE WARRIORS not only provides a stunning 4K remaster of both the Theatrical Cut and the 2005 Alternate Version sourced from the original camera negative but also includes a wealth of insightful interviews, discussions, and visual materials that delve into various aspects of the film's production, from its inception to its enduring legacy. The bonus features cater to both fans and cinephiles, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of THE WARRIORS. Theatrical Cut Released in 1979, Walter Hill's THE WARRIORS remains an enduring classic that transcends its era, offering a gripping narrative that combines elements of action, drama, and social commentary. Set against the gritty backdrop of a dystopian New York City, the film follows the journey of a Coney Island gang called The Warriors as they navigate a treacherous night through enemy territory to make it back to their home turf. With its distinctive visual style, memorable characters, and pulsati

THE EXPENDABLES Franchise 4K Steelbook Review

I recently received a copy of the 4K steelbook collection of   THE EXPENDABLES film series from Lionsgate. The series is a tribute to action cinema and offers an exciting and nostalgic experience for fans of the genre. In this review, I'll take a closer look at the films and the special features included in the collection. The Films: The ensemble cast in each film of  THE EXPENDABLES franchise is legendary. With action icons such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and many more, it's a dream come true for fans of 80's action. Each actor brings their unique style and charisma to the table, making the chemistry between the characters the secret to what makes these movies work. The films rely on practical effects and jaw-dropping stunts. Although they make use of CGI, it is not relied upon to create action sequences. Instead, it enhances moments, which is a refreshing difference in today's cinema landscape. The result is an authentic and gritt

THE FUGITIVE 4K Blu-ray Review

The Film THE FUGITIVE directed by Andrew Davis and released in 1993, remains a timeless classic that seamlessly blends heart-pounding suspense, a compelling narrative, and stellar performances. Starring Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble and Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, the film masterfully captures the essence of a gripping cat-and-mouse chase, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. At its core, THE FUGITIVE revolves around Dr. Richard Kimble, a respected vascular surgeon, who finds himself wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. The film wastes no time in thrusting viewers into the intensity of the story, with the relentless pursuit of Kimble beginning from the opening scenes. Harrison Ford delivers a riveting performance as the man on the run, evoking a perfect balance of vulnerability and determination. The audience is immediately drawn into Kimble's world, feeling the weight of his predicament and empathizing with his q