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BLACK CIRCLE Limited Edition Slipcover Available NOW!

  Synapse Films/DiabolikDVD Limited Slipcover Exclusive Only 1000 Slipcovers Available!   From such early erotic classics as Maid In Sweden and Anita to her unforgettable performance in Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Christina Lindberg has captivated audiences for over 50 years, and now she returns to the screen courtesy of writer/director Adrian Garcia Bogliano in the psychedelic shocker Black Circle, available now on Blu-ray in a Limited Edition Slipcover from Synapse Films and DiabolikDVD!   Two sisters, Celeste and Isa, fall under the terrifying spell of a mysterious vinyl record from the 1970s. Used to help with stress and bring the listener to a state of calming self-hypnosis, the recording has the unfortunate side-effect of manifesting a doppelganger of the listener into our world. This “double” then grows stronger by the day to copy and take over the life of the person who played the vinyl.    Seeking the help of the woman who originally created the recording, hypnotist Lena Carlss