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SKINAMARINK Smashes Box Office Expectations

IFC Midnight and Shudder released SKINAMARINK to audiences with an overwhelming response, bringing theater-goers the promise of a completely new experience. Does the film make good on that promise or fall victim to the internet hype machine? Well, it depends on the viewer. Passionately polarizing reviews from critics and audiences have the horror community buzzing and made this little experimental flick the must see film of the season.  SKINAMARINK has crossed $1 million at the North American box office just 6 days into release on partial screens - earning the film an impressive 67X its production budget of 15K. The debut feature from director Kyle Edward Ball will expand into over 800 theaters this weekend dictated by demand and outpacing all industry estimates. SKINAMARINK will stream exclusively on Shudder February 2, 2023.