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Episode 182 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Knock Knock (Funny Games vs. The Purge)

We go on multiple movie home invasions inspired by Eli Roth’s latest, KNOCK KNOCK. First, a look at the American remake of FUNNY GAMES from 2007 where Naomi Watts and Tim Roth play an unsuspecting married couple vacationing at their summer home when two strange young men stop by to borrow some eggs and things escalate from their with horrific results. Then in THE PURGE, Ethan Hawke and his family think that they are well prepared and protected from the annual night of crime, death, and destruction sanctioned by the government. All of this because Eli Roth came knocking on our podcast door with his new film.

Episode 52 of Pop Culture Case Study - Gattaca and Privilege

In this episode, Dave discusses one of his old science fiction favorites, Gattaca.  Britt makes an appearance to talk about Dystopian movies, in general.  We discuss both the movie and how it connects to the touchy subject of privilege. Listen! Check out the Show Notes here! Fangirl Fixation Introduction: 0:00:00 Fangirl Fixation: 0:03:07 Privilege: 0:20:25 Gattaca: 0:35:30 Rate and Review on iTunes! Visit our website!