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Project Eden: Volume 1 Co-Director/Writer Terrance M. Young Interview - The Last New Wave

  Project Eden: Volume 1  is an ambitious genre event that was filmed across multiple countries and will - as the title suggests - span across multiple films. Co-written and co-directed by Terrance M. Young and Ashlee Jensen,  Project Eden: Volume 1  shifted the ways that films in Australia are released, with pre-release hype built up through various genre festivals around Australia. Andrew was able to talk to Terrance M. Young to discuss the film. Rent/Buy  Project Eden: Volume 1  from  Umbrella Entertainment    Follow  Project Eden: Volume 1  on Facebook to keep an eye out on what's happening with  Volume 2   Support us on Patreon here Become a Patron!   Head over to  Ozflix  to watch great Australian films.   Follow  The Last New Wave  on  Facebook  and  Twitter . Feel free to leave us a review on iTunes  here . Subscribe to the RSS feed for  The Last New Wave here . Listen to  AB Film Review   here . Follow  ABFilmReview  on Twitter or Facebook at