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Ep. 185 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Crimson Peak (Rebecca vs. A Good Marriage)

On  this episode we talk about the much anticipated CRIMSON PEAK with our friend Web Bist from the podcast  It’s Terrific   and then we move on to Creepy Marriages with a Third Party by checking out Alfred Hitchcock’s REBECCA and the Stephen King film adaptation of A GOOD MARRIAGE with our friends over at the  Plain Label Podcast , Eric and Rachel. But first,  we are first in line for  the latest socially acceptable chance to stare at Jessica Chastain for two hours.

Episode 77 of Pop Culture Case Study - The Devil's Backbone and Orphaned Children

In this episode, Michael Denniston returns to talk about The Devil's Backbone, just in time for Guillermo del Toro's new masterpiece, Crimson Peak! But first, Dave and Britt talk about many things, including how The Devil's Backbone compares with GDT's other works.  Dave then talks about the effect of being an orphan on mental health.  Enjoy! Adolescent Separation Loss and Separation Suicide Listen! Fangirl Fixation: 0:04:14 Orphaned Children: 0:14:54 The Devil's Backbone with Michael: 0:26:44 Rate and Review on iTunes!

Episode 03 of Pop Culture Case Study - The Avengers and Teamwork

Today is the day, folks!  Avengers is coming out later tonight! I know I will be there at the 7 PM showing.  If you're watching this weekend (and who isn't?), catch up with one of our episodes, The Avengers and Teamwork.  Does the greatest team in comics comprise a good or great team?  Are any of them psychologically sound?  Listen and find out!