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Following Films Podcast: SLAMDANCE 2023 Double Feature - The Underbug and With Peter Bradley

 Today on the FOLLOWING FILMS PODCAST we have a Slamdance double feature with the directors of Underbug and With Peter Bradley.  First up I chat with Shujaat Saudagar about The Underbug While nations came to a standstill during the pandemic, another more familiar kind of virus - xenophobia and sectarian violence - raged in India. Against that backdrop, “The Underbug” is a psychological horror that explores the psyche of people who live on the fringe of society. The film focuses on two men, who have stumbled on a deserted house where deadly trauma has clearly taken place, but what happened, who or what was responsible and are they next, are now the questions they need to solve in order to survive. A cinematic sibling to the style of  Romero, the film explores radical allegories reflecting relevant cultural and sociopolitical trends in the paranoid, fearful world of his characters. “The Underbug”  delivers what great horror cinema does best: sparking conversation and debate, and offering