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Episode 67 of Pop Culture Case Study - Rounders and Gambling Addiction

In this episode, Dave finally introduces Britt to the glory of Rounders and Teddy KGB.  As a bonus, some of Dave's podcasting friends give their best Teddy KGB impression!  After this fun, Dave discusses how his past and present have affected his viewing of the gambling tale of Rounders! Beliefs About Gambling and Addiction Adolescent Gambling Suicide Listen! Fangirl Fixation: 0:02:55 Gambling Addiction:0:14:39 Rounders: 0:30:18

Ep. 160 of War Machine vs. War Horse: Paper Towns (Moonrise Kingdom vs. The Kings of Summer)

On this episode we are joined by Jessica & Non from the podcast JOY SANDWICH, to run away and recapture our youth with two films: MOONRISE KINGDOM and THE KINGS OF SUMMER. But first, a road trip, tracking down clues for the new release PAPER TOWNS. 0:00 - War Machine vs. War Horse Theme 0:30 - Episode intro 1:10 - Paper Towns trailer 3:30 - Paper Towns review 35:43 - Moonrise Kingdom/The Kings of Summer clips 37:06 - Discussion on missing kids in love movies with Jessica & Non of Joy Sandwich. 1:36:54 - Outro with music. 1:38:22 - Now what?

Episode 65 of Pop Culture Case Study - Birdman and Psychosis

In this episode, Dave takes a look at the Academy Award winner for Best Picture last year, Birdman.  Britt discusses why she will probably never watch it again.  Then, Dave discusses the film in terms of the main character's obvious psychosis.  Enjoy! Listen! Show Notes Fangirl Fixation: 0:03:50 Psychosis:0:19:40 Birdman: 0:36:31 Rate and Review on iTunes! Visit our website!