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Episode 79 of Pop Culture Case Study - Halloween (1978) and Evil

In this episode, Dave matches the movie with the date, Halloween!    Then, Dave talks about evil!  Specifically, our brains and evil, what causes evil, and a discussion of evil acts vs. evil people.  Then Web Bist makes his triumpant return to talk about sex, evil, white masks, and the Shape! Neuroscience and Evil Causes Psychology of Evil Listen! Fangirl Fixation: 0:04:30 Evil: 0:20:33 Halloween with Web: 0:33:20 Direction: 0:38:46 Acting: 0:50:32 Writing: 0:54:37 Production Value: 0:56:26 Spoilers: 0: 59:14 Connection to Theme: 1:06:50 Rate and Review on iTunes!