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BATTLEBOTS: DESTRUCT-A-THON Show and Ticket Information

Battlebots, the hit television show featuring fighting robots, has announced an exclusive live Las Vegas show: “BATTLEBOTS: DESTRUCT-A-THON,” which will open Feb. 3, 2023, at BattleBots’ own BattleBox Arena at Caesars Entertainment Studios. The daily live show follows the enormous success of the BattleBots World Championship filming season, which finished taping in front of sold-out audiences’ last weekend. The new live show contains all the drama, action and destruction of the TV series, condensed into an intense, fast-moving, 80-minute theater show, featuring many of the most famous robots that fans all around the world have come to love. This includes bots like Witch Doctor, Kraken, Mammoth, Lock-Jaw, Hypershock and Whiplash, as well as several new robots being specially created for the show. BATTLEBOTS: DESTRUCT-A-THON will offer several types of tickets, from general admission at $49 per person (with $150 family bundles), to premium options up to $125 and limited ultra-VIP seating

Following Films Podcast: 1-800 HOT-NITE and COBRA KAI Star Dallas Dupree Young

  Dallas Dupree Young is one of the breakout stars in Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series, “Cobra Kai”. Young shines as Kenny, a bullied new student in school, who turns to karate to defend himself and gain confidence. I had Dallas on the show today to discuss his work on the new festival darling 1-800 HOT-NITE. The film is centered around Tommy (Dallas Dupree Young) and the night he loses his parents to a drug raid. On the run, he turns to a phone sex operator (his fairy godmother) for help as he embarks on an urban odyssey to escape foster care with his two best friends, Steve and O’Neill. Don’t let the title deceive you, this is a great film that has far more on its mind than your average teen comedy. The film hits VOD on 11-4. Don’t sleep on this one make sure you check it out.

Colin Quinn: Small Talk Ticket and Show Info

  Colin Quinn: Small Talk, a new comedy written by and starring Colin Quinn, will play the Lucille Lortel Theatre beginning January 6 with an official opening scheduled for January 23. The limited engagement runs through February 11. Colin Quinn: Small Talk produced by Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia and Brian Stern.  In his latest attempt at humor, Colin breaks down the one area he’s actually gifted in: Personality. Mr. Quinn has been chatting it up with friends, family, municipal employees and counter people for his whole life and now he can teach you how to stop sucking the energy out of the room. Colin said, “I'm doing this show because I’m fascinated with how personality in general (and individuals in particular) have fed into society.  (Fascinated might be a strong word)." Colin Quinn: Small Talk is directed by James Fauvell (Colin Quinn Red State Blue State), with set design by Zoë Hurvitz (Tomorrow Will Take Care Of Itself), lighting design by Amina Alexander (Alex E

Following Films Podcast: SOMETHING IN THE DIRT Creators Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson

  Today I’m joined by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson the co-directors, co-stars, co-editors, writers and cinematographers of SOMETHING IN THE DIRT. Their odd-ball chemistry shines on screen and in the script, as these two isolated and unfulfilled individuals spur each other toward wormholes and away from reality. SOMETHING IN THE DIRT tells a tale of these paranoid times, where every answer imaginable is just a Google search away Opens in Theaters November 4th. 

I AM DB COOPER Release Info

Directed & Co-Written By : TJ Regan Co-Written By : Sharmila Sahni Starring : Rodney Bonnifield, Mike Rocha, Ryan Cory, Rainee Blake, Chris Grounds, TJ Regan, and Sharmila Sahni Two bounty hunter brothers encounter an ailing old man named Rodney Bonnifield while coordinating his bail after a violent encounter on a dairy farm involving a machete. Close to his sentencing, he reveals to the bondsmen that he is in fact the infamous DB Cooper, the man responsible for the 1971 plane hijacking in the Pacific Northwest, and the ransom cash is still buried along the Columbia River. Up against the clock with Rodney’s prison sentence looming, the group sets out on a modern-day treasure hunt to recover the money he buried near the river 50 years ago, uncovering bizarre truths about Rodney Bonnifield and his connection to the only unsolved plane hijacking in U.S. history. IN THEATERS & AVAILABLE ON DEMAND FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9th

Following Films Podcast: SEE HOW THEY RUN Director Tom George

  Tom George is a director and sometimes writer of TV and film. He directed all three series of the acclaimed BBC comedy “This Country”. The show, which George also helped write, won four BAFTAs, including one for Best Scripted Comedy, as well as a host of other awards. His other credits include the BBC legal comedy “Defending the Guilty”, which starred Will Sharpe and Katherine Parkinson. George began his comedy career in short films, which screened at festivals around the world. He started out as a director filming music.  Today I'm joined by Tom George to discuss his work on SEE HOW THEY RUN .  In 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered. When a world-weary inspector and an eager rookie constable take on the case, they find themselves thrown into a puzzling whodunit within the glamorously sordid world of underground theater, investigating the mysterious homicide at their own peril. The film

Following Films Podcast: SHANTARAM Cinematographer Stefan Duscio

  Today I’m joined by cinematographer Stefan Duscio to discuss his latest work, the Apple TV+ series, Shantaram.  Based on the internationally best-selling novel by Gregory David Roberts, the 1980s set drama follows a fugitive who escapes prison and reinvents himself as a doctor in the slums of Bombay. Shantaram is the first Apple TV series that uses anamorphic lenses and frame in a 2.40 aspect ratio. When shooting the series Duscio pursued smooth camera movement and widescreen anamorphic because in his own words, “I wanted you to fall in love with Bombay, and unashamedly present it in a romantic way." Duscio teamed up with production designer Chris Kennedy (Lion) for visual research into 1980s India. In addition to the novel, inspiration for the visual language and aesthetic came from a plethora of art that included street and fashion photography, National Geographic content, and per Duscio, "feelings of travel, wanderlust and philosophy."