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Trailer and Poster for MAX BEYOND

  Max Beyond tells the story of Max, a young boy held captive in a research facility. Using his ability to create rifts in the fabric of spacetime across parallel universes, he searches for the reality in which his brother Leon, a former-marine, manages to rescue him. With attempt after attempt ending in Leon’s death, the strain starts to take its toll on both brothers. When Max discovers his captors are using his power against him, he realizes he must stop focusing on how the story ends and rewrite the story from the beginning. The cast includes BAFTA-award winning actor Jane Perry (Cyberpunk 2077, Hitman, Returnal), Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead) and Cade Tropeano (Black Bird). Motion capture performances from Ace Ruele (Eternals) and Alex Kong (Marvel Studio's What If?). Available on US Digital Platforms  April 23rd

SXSW 24: Steven Soderbergh presents COLD WALLET World Premiere

I just read the news about a new thriller film called COLD WALLET that has been directed by Cutter Hodierne and presented by Steven Soderbergh. Apparently, it is about a group of Redditors who attempt to kidnap the kingpin of a cryptocurrency scam that caused them to lose everything. The film features a star-studded cast including Raul Castillo, Melonie Diaz, Tony Cavalero, Josh Brener and Zoe Winters, and will premiere at SXSW 2024. It sounds like an exciting and timely movie that explores the world of crypto and class warfare. SXSW '24 Screening Details March 8 @ Violet Crown Cinema 2 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 2:00pm—3:24pm March 8 @ Violet Crown Cinema 4 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 2:30pm—3:54pm March 9 @ Violet Crown Cinema 1 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 11:00am—12:24pm March 9 @ Violet Crown Cinema 3 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 11:30am—12:54pm March 13 @ Violet Crown Cinema 1 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 9:15pm—10:39pm March 13 @ Violet Crown

Following Films Podcast: Carlson Young Director of UPGRADED

  Thank you for listening to The Following Films Podcast. Today, I’m joined by Carlson Young to discuss her latest film UPGRADED. In the film, Ana Santos (Camila Mendes) is a smart and ambitious art enthusiast with dreams of running her own gallery. She is currently paying dues as an unpaid trainee at a premiere NYC auction house, run by the influential and demanding Claire Dupont (Marisa Tomei). When Ana is sent on her first work trip and gets unexpectedly upgraded to first class, she meets the handsome and well-connected Will (Archie Renaux), who mistakes Ana for her boss– a white lie that sets off a series of fortuitous events and VIP introductions that suddenly have Ana winning at work and caught up in a whirlwind romance she never expected. However, this little white lie begins to unravel, threatening to ruin Ana’s career and newfound romance. UPGRADED is streaming on Amazon Prime where it is currently the number one film. I had a great time chatting with Carlson about her film, r


In this gripping action-thriller, Adam (Luke Evans), an ex-con back in his old neighborhood after serving a 16-year stretch for murder, walks a rocky path of forgiveness toward the son who grew up without him, while the bitter, volatile brother of the youth he killed looms in the background. Meanwhile, Mike (Rory Culkin), sick of doing the bidding of his drug-dealing uncle (Alex Pettyfer), is desperate to leave his sordid life behind. When Adam and Mike’s paths converge, inescapable destiny will give way to violence…and a final, fleeting shot at redemption.  In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand on March 8

Trailer: FRENCH GIRL - Starring Zach Braff, Evelyne Brochu, William Fichtner and Vanessa Hudgens

Zach Braff, Vanessa Hudgens, and Evelyne Brochu star in this heartwarming romantic comedy. Gordon, a hopeless romantic, finds his proposal plans are thrown into chaos when his girlfriend is swept away to Quebec by a job offer from her ex, a sophisticated celebrity chef. Determined to keep their love alive, Gordon leaves Brooklyn for her hometown, only to find himself hilariously out of his depth in attempting to charm her hard-to-impress, French-speaking family. In Theaters March 15 and on Digital March 19

The Sean Connery Foundation sponsors world class new features Competition Prize at relaunched Edinburgh International Film Festival

The Sean Connery Foundation has come on board the 2024 Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) to establish The Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence, a £50,000 award to a single filmmaker as part of a new features competition prize at the centre of the relaunched festival. The Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence creates an exciting platform to showcase today’s most talented filmmakers by linking their success to the legacy of Scotland’s most famous global star. From August 15-21, 10 world-premiere feature films will compete for the cash prize, to be determined by audience vote. Criteria for submitting films to the Festival can be found at and submissions are now open. Paul Ridd, EIFF Festival Director said: ‘Sean Connery was a vital patron of EIFF, consistently showing up to support new talent and gracing countless red carpets. He loved Edinburgh and he loved the festival. We are thrilled to establish the prize to honour this ic

Michael Keaton Directs KNOX GOES AWAY In Theaters March 15

  Academy Award® nominee Michael Keaton directs and stars in this unpredictable thriller as John Knox, a hit man attempting to make amends before his recently discovered dementia takes over. Aided by a trusted friend (Academy Award® winner Al Pacino) with his own shady past, Knox races against the police — and his own rapidly deteriorating mind — to save his estranged son (James Marsden) from a vengeance-fueled mistake and “cash out” before it’s too late. Also starring Oscar® winners Ray McKinnon and Marcia Gay Harden.