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Help Save Scarecrow Video

I became aware of Scarecrow Video after David Chen made a wonderful short film about the North West video store last year. The store is massive, independently owned and one many businesses struck hard by new media.

I miss video stores. We only have one decent sized video store left here in Tucson and even though I only rent from them a few times a year its an experience I always cherish. Walking up and down the isles, looking at the staff picks and trying to find that little seen masterpiece that I could show to my friends. The video store was the record shop for the socially awkward misfits like myself. It was a place where I was a part of a tribe. A place where the patrons and employees spoke my language. I love the convenience of VOD but we've lost something with streaming media that cannot be replaced. Conversation.

Scarecrow has started a Kickstarter to help keep the store open. Help keep the Seattle conversation going.


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