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HUNGRY FOR LOVE Kickstarter Campaign needs our help!!!

I just became aware of a Kicstarter Campaign that could use our help. The film has less than 48 remaining to reach its goal and its called HUNGRY FOR LOVE. I was touched by an article I came across so I reached out to producer Soojin Chung to ask her a few questions about the project.

The campaign page describes the film as:

Giovanni and Priscilla couldn’t be more different: Priscilla is struggling to publish her first book, after receiving a philosophy Ph. D., and Giovanni is a pastry delivery driver with dreams of traveling America on a food crawl. And each have faced their fair share of hardships: the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, overwhelming student debt… but when they meet for the first time they realize they also share a mutual passion for food.

And that’s when their unexpected journey begins. On a whim, they decide to go on an all-night, five-borough dining adventure together. Determined to leave all their personal struggles behind, and enjoy themselves once and for all, they explore cultural neighborhoods, meet unique characters and eat dishes to die for. But along the way, they realize they can’t escape their problems and must face them head-on. So, as they begin to peel back the onion of their lives, they ultimately find out who they really are.

How are you today?

We have less than 48 hours! I am running around like crazy! But I am telling myself to hang on in there and finish the race!

How do you think crowd funding has changed independent film?

In a short amount of time, you can put your work out there and find an audience, not just in your inner circle but around the world! It is amazing how you can get press and articles written before you even make a film. Crowdfunding helps build this momentum around your project and by the time a film is released you have a built-in audience because of it. Normally that would only happen with bigger movies, but now, because of crowdfunding, we can make that happen on a grassroots level! And of course, the idea that a film can be funded entirely or partially through crowdfunding makes it so much easier to create original material.

Do you have a specific crowd funded film that has inspired you?

The film has not come out yet but there's a Sundance supported film called "Spa Night" that is a big inspiration for our campaign. "Spa Night", directed by Andrew Ahn, launched and succeeded weeks before ours. Both during and after, the whole "Spa Night" team have been very supportive, giving advice when needed and even pledging to our campaign! Besides that, I am also really looking forward to the film!

What is it about this project that compelled you to get involved?

Well, I came to America from South Korea in 2006 and gained about 20 pounds while living in LA. It is because I met so many foodies and suddenly became one myself! It was fun! But then, two years ago, I went back to South Korea for the post-production of my previous film Escape From Tomorrow and reconnected with my old friends and colleagues. Shortly after the happy reunion, over Korean BBQ, they started to recommend diets, blind dates and dying my gray hair. Suddenly, I was looked at differently. Korean people were shocked and genuinely concerned about my weight, age and my single status. Altogether, I became an un-ideal woman, and that’s when I realized how I am now categorized in Korean society and what that feels like. Even when I went to the mall to buy some clothes, people gave me a quick, cold look and yelled, “We don’t carry your size!” even though I am a size “medium” in America. I couldn't wait to get back to America where variety is a bit more widely accepted. When I did return, I told my director Justin Ambrosino about how miserable I was feeling. He related it to his own family and their stories. You see, Justin's mother has dealt with many weight related issues for most of her adult life. And in fact, Justin always wanted to make a heartwarming love story with non-traditional leads in honor of his mother. I thought that was a story worth telling so we can understand the opposite side of the food/weight issue, especially with the overwhelming amount of beauty and fitness advertisements.

Why should people back this project?

We need more films like this! And the only way to prove that is by supporting films like this. By letting the studios and financiers know that people actually want to see this. We are trying to do something different. To make a change in society's views of body image by our casting. You see, Hungry for Love is a film about two people who meet in New York City and fall in love over food. It’s a heartwarming romantic comedy of sorts but we don’t want to cast your typical romantic leads such as Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, instead we want to cast someone like Josh Gad and Rebel Wilson. And by that, we mean full-figured actors. We want to give the lead role to an actor who normally never gets a lead role, and not only a lead role but character with a range of emotions so that actor can really show their talents. We want to give the audience a hero/heroine they are not used to seeing and hopefully want to see more of!

How important is body image to you personally?

It wasn't until my recent encounter in Korea where I was suddenly discriminated against that I took this issue personally and became determined to do whatever I could to make a change. I think it is important to encourage confidence and strength within everybody. I am a filmmaker so I will do whatever I can within my medium to make that change. It is all I've been thinking about for a few years now.

Do you think films have had a negative impact on our society in terms of body image?

Sure. Films are influential. When we see the same kind of hero/heroine again and again we tend to admire that kind of person in real life too. Without any variety, it is a falsehood of reality. There are hero/heroines in real life of all shapes, sizes, colors and cultures. When we see full-figured actors only getting the "best friend" roles or the comedic relief, it sends the message that that is all they are worth and that's negative. It's a lie. I believe we need to do a lot of work to change things but it starts with coming up ideas and giving full-figured actors more lead roles and letting them shine, so they can also be that hero/heroine for the next generations.

 So, if you connect in any way with this story, please check our Kickstarter Campaign and join the cause! We can not make this movie with out you!