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Update from Mike Flanagan on His Latest Stephen King Adaptation REVIVAL

On a recent episode of KINGCAST Mike Flanagan announced the screenplay for his adaptation of King's REVIVAL is complete and "Steve loves it." He went on to say "so that's one less sleepless night behind me."

Flanagan has knocked it out of the park with his two previous King adaptations. GERALD'S GAME a book considered widely to be un-adaptable and DOCTOR SLEEP, a film that managed to extend an olive branch between the film and novelization of THE SHINING. King has a legendary distaste for Kubrick's film. Neither of these are small accomplishments and speak to how well Flanagan's sensibilities align with Kings.

Flanagan always manages to craft deeply human stories in the most horrific situations imaginable. The gut punch at the end of THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL has nothing to do with a ghost or jump scare, its the connection he draws between regret and mortality. I haven't cried like that since the finale of SIX FEET UNDER.

And while I'm veering away form the subject, BEFORE I WAKE is a fucking masterpiece that more people need to see. It might not be the genre film you want to see but it is certainly the one you need to see.

Back to REVIVAL and Flanagan's adaptation he says "it's a return to cosmic horror.... the kind of Lovecraftian, other worldly alien horror that 1408 does so well... it's dark and mean, and I like it."

If you like to check out the podcast it can be found here. Clearly I'm excited for this one. What are your thoughts?