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Academy Award and Emmy Nominated Uli Edel (Baader Meinhof Complex, “Houdini”) has signed on to direct Shadow Song, which is based on the 2017 Award-Winning short, A Children’s Song. Academy Award Nominated screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs (Chocolat) wrote the script. The feature film will be produced by Sid Ganis and Nancy Hult Ganis at Out of the Blue Entertainment, and The H Collective’s (THC) Kent Jianhui Huang and Mark Rau, who was recently named CEO of THC Germany. Ganis, who is on the board of THC, produced A Children’s Song, which won top awards at more than 20 film festivals worldwide.

Inspired by the true story, the film is set in contemporary times with flashbacks to WWII and tells the story of an aspiring Chinese music student who comes to the U.S. and befriends an equally talented young Jewish student at the same school. When they are to perform an unpublished piece for their academic requirements, they discover that they are playing the same song. As they both race to prove ownership, they uncover family secrets leading back to a long-lost, shared history in Shanghai when the Chinese provided the only safe haven left for over 20,000 Jews fleeing Hitler’s oppression in Europe