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Pooling to Paradise - Starring Jonathan Lipnicki, Dreama Walker, Jordan Carlos, Lynn Chen and Taryn Manning out today

POOLING TO PARADISE is an indie comedy about a ride share that turns into an unexpected road trip to Paradise, NV. Four strangers, each at a cross-worlds in their lives, find unexpected connections that change their view on life. The film debuted on VOD and DVD today!

Jenny (Lynn Chen, Saving Face, Go Back To China), a Los Angeles mom, leaves her family for a blogger convention in Vegas, and accidentally chooses “pool” on her rideshare app, placing her in a car full of strangers including struggling activist Kara (Dreama Walker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Gran Torino), heartbroken talent agent Sean (Jonathan Lipnicki, The Resident, Jerry Maguire) on a quest to find Dawn (Taryn Manning, Orange is the New Black, Hustle and Flow), and their hipster/anarchist/shaman driver, Marc (Jordan Carlos, First Wives Club, Broad City). Personalities clash, vulnerabilities unwind, and bonds form as they each find their own personal Paradise. Full of humor, heart, pathos and a psilocybin drug trip in Death Valley, Jentis’ script is a relatable millennial road trip rom-com perfect for summer.