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Following Films Podcast: Donald Mowat on His Oscar Nominated Work in DUNE

 He's a Canadian, British, and naturalized American citizen. He started in amateur theatre and operatic societies as well as community cable television while still in high school. The first film was as an assistant makeup artist on "Joshua Then and Now" and continued working as assistant makeup on numerous projects including "Anne of Green Gables" 'The Fly" "The Believers" and "Frontier" While just in his twenties he was makeup department head on "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" winning a daytime Emmy nomination in 1988 and continued to department head several network miniseries and movies of the week. 

He works extensively with out-of-kit techniques in casualty effects. His stellar credits as a department head and personal make-up artist in all aspects of feature film and television make-up from the period, corrective, casualty, beauty, and straight makeup, as well as tattoo cover, have been seen in countless feature films and projects for television. 

He worked extensively with Mark Wahlberg for many years as well as with Eminem. In recent years Donald has been working with Daniel Craig and continues to work as both a department head(The Fighter,8 Mile, Taking Lives, Repo Men, Prisoners, Everything Will Be Fine) and personal artist(Skyfall, Cowboys and Aliens) In 2012 Mr.Mowat received Her Majesty's, Diamond Jubilee Medal. Donald has also worked on numerous editorial/print projects with many actors and performers. Focused primarily on feature films from 1992 onwards his stellar career, commitment to the craft and industry as well as active involvement in many charitable causes has earned him an international reputation. I had Donald on the show to discuss his Oscar-nominated work on DUNE.

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