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Following Films Podcast: Chris Chesson and Georgette Angelos on BOSTON GEORGE: FAMOUS WITHOUT THE FORTUNE



George Jung, the drug smuggler immortalized by Johnny Depp in “Blow,” left Weymouth for California in the late ’60s with pennies in his pocket, two cases of Budweiser in the backseat and his best pal riding shotgun.
Forty years – and four prison stints later – Jung returned to visit his boyhood home at   30 Abigail Adams Circle. He was unsure if neighbors would throw rocks or tell him to “politely leave town.” 
Jung’s homecoming can be seen in the documentary “Boston George,” which charts his improbable journey from Patriot Ledger newsboy to Weymouth High football star to cocaine trafficker for Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel.
Subtitled “Famous Without the Fortune,” the documentary’s first two episodes premiere Friday, July 22, on Fandor, with one episode per week each successive Friday. Cinedigm will make each episode available on demand the next day.

Today I’m joined by Chris Chesson and Georgette Angelos to discuss their work on BOSTON GEORGE: FAMOUS WITHOUT THE FORTUNE.

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