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Midnight Cowboy, a film that took the world by storm half a century ago, continues to captivate audiences with its unique perspective and style. On June 23, DESPERATE SOULS, DARK CITY AND THE LEGEND OF MIDNIGHT COWBOY will hit theatres. Directed by Nancy Buirski and produced by Simon Kilmurry and Susan Margolin, this cinematic gem delves into the lives of the talented and flawed individuals who brought this dark and difficult masterpiece to life.

Having received critical acclaim and accolades, including being an Official Selection at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, and Telluride Film Festival, DESPERATE SOULS, DARK CITY AND THE LEGEND OF MIDNIGHT COWBOY is a must watch for any fans of the Schlesinger classic.

Midnight Cowboy centers around the extraordinary performances of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, who portray two isolated individuals compelled by desperation to form an unlikely alliance. Waldo Salt's brilliant screenplay, born out of his own struggles as a survivor of the black list, contributes to the film's powerful narrative. Additionally, John Schlesinger's fearless direction allows the story to unfold in a raw and unfiltered manner.

What sets Midnight Cowboy apart is its vivid and compassionate portrayal of an unvarnished New York City and its inhabitants. Released in 1969, the film dared to shed light on the gritty reality of urban life, paving the way for a new era of cinema that delved into complex characters and adult themes. Its impact on the industry and subsequent generations of filmmakers is immeasurable.

However, Nancy Buirski's documentary is not a mere retelling of the making of Midnight Cowboy. It goes beyond that, exploring the intricate web of personalities, triumphs, and flaws that contributed to the creation of this timeless masterpiece. Through extensive archival material and insightful new interviews, Buirski sheds light on the era that birthed the film and the film that shaped an era.

This documentary serves as a window into the cultural ferment of a troubled New York City, where societal transformation was taking place against a backdrop of uncertainty and change. Midnight Cowboy encapsulated the essence of this time and place, offering a mirror to society that reflected its hopes, struggles, and aspirations with striking clarity.

As audiences once again gather in theaters, they will have the opportunity to witness the story behind the story, unraveling the intricate layers of Midnight Cowboy's creation. Buirski's masterful direction and her ability to interweave past and present seamlessly will leave viewers with a profound understanding of the film's cultural significance and its lasting impact.

Don't miss the chance to experience the enigmatic world of Midnight Cowboy anew. Head to Film Forum in New York or one of the Laemmle theaters in Los Angeles to immerse yourself in this remarkable documentary. Prepare to be transported back in time and gain a fresh perspective on a film that defied conventions, shattered barriers, and forever altered the cinematic landscape. Watch the trailer on YouTube and embark on a journey that unravels the untold stories behind a true masterpiece.

*Midnight Cowboy Revisited will be in theaters in New York and Los Angeles from June 23. 

Film Forum - New York

Location: 209 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014

Laemmle Town Center 5 - Los Angeles

Location: 17200 Ventura Blvd UNIT 121, Encino, CA 91316

Laemmle Royal - Los Angeles

Location: 11523 Santa Monica Blvd 1st floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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