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BACKSPOT Starring Devery Jacobs & Evan Rachel Wood in Theatres This May

Directed by D.W. Waterson

Starring Devery Jacobs (“Reservation Dogs”), Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”), Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale), Kudakwashe Rutendo, Thomas Antony Olajide, Wendy Crewson

In BACKSPOT, we follow Riley, an ambitious cheerleader portrayed by Devery Jacobs, whose world is thrown into chaos when she and her girlfriend are chosen for an all-star cheer squad. Directed by D.W. Waterson, the film delves into themes of ambition, love, and the struggle for perfection.

Riley's journey is not just about perfecting her routines; it's about battling her inner demons. As she faces the pressure of representing her team at an upcoming competition, Riley grapples with crippling anxiety. Every move she makes is scrutinized, and one wrong step could lead to disaster. But Riley's determination to succeed is matched only by her fear of failure.

Adding to Riley's challenges is her demanding head coach, played by Evan Rachel Wood. Coach's relentless pursuit of perfection pushes Riley to her limits, testing not only her physical abilities but also her mental strength. As Riley strives to meet Coach's sky-high expectations, she must also confront her own insecurities and doubts.

In Theaters Nationwide in May 2024

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