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THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES is a thought-provoking film that wears two hats with surprising ease. On one hand, it's a sharp social commentary, using the trope of the "magical negro" to spark conversations about race relations in America. On the other, it's a delightful romantic comedy that introduces a talented new filmmaker.

The film centers around Aren (Justice Smith), a young man recruited into a clandestine organization with a peculiar mission: making white people feel more comfortable. THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES utilizes their unique abilities (though the film playfully keeps the nature of these abilities ambiguous) to smooth over social interactions. Aren's initial assignment? Helping the shy Jason (Drew Tarver) find love with Lizzie (An-Li Bogan). However, sparks fly unexpectedly between Aren and Lizzie, throwing the Society's plans into disarray.

This is where the film shines. While the racial commentary is present, it's wrapped in a charming rom-com narrative. We root for Aren and Lizzie as their connection deepens, defying the Society's manipulations. The film deftly balances humor and heart, making us laugh at the absurdity of the Society's methods while also reflecting on deeper societal issues.

Writer-director Kobi Libii, making his feature film debut, showcases a promising voice. While some might find the "magical negro" concept daring, Libii uses it effectively to fuel the story. His focus on the romantic comedy aspect allows him to seamlessly integrate humor and social commentary.

The cast delivers strong performances. Justice Smith is endearing as the conflicted Aren, and An-Li Bogan effortlessly portrays Lizzie's wit and charm. David Alan Grier adds a touch of comedic wisdom as Aren's mentor, Roger.

THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES might not be a revolutionary exploration of race, but its unique approach and genuine heart make it a compelling watch. It's a film that entertains while sparking conversations, ultimately leaving you with a smile and something to ponder.


  • SECRET SOCIETY MEMBERS- Cast converse about their roles and discuss the journey their characters took throughout the film.
  • CRAFTING A MAGICAL SOCIETY- Step through the secret entrance and see what goes into creating a magical society. Hear from cast and crew on the production design, wardrobe, and cinematography involved in crafting the fantastical world.
  • SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH - THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES might blend humor with romance, but the topic of race is at the forefront of the film. Filmmakers and cast share the importance of the narrative and the impact telling this story had on them personally.

THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES is a refreshing debut, blending humor and social commentary with a captivating rom-com narrative. It's a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

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