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Dexters Laboratory: The Complete Series DVD Review!!!

Dexter's Laboratory, the beloved animated series epitomizing childhood nostalgia and inventive storytelling, receives a well-deserved tribute in its complete series DVD release. This comprehensive collection allows viewers to fully explore the essence of Dexter's ingenious experiments and the comedic chaos caused by his sister Dee Dee across six delightful seasons.

The inaugural season sets the stage for Dexter's adventures within his secret laboratory, hidden behind a bookshelf in his family's suburban home. Episodes introduce Dexter's scientific brilliance and his ongoing battles to maintain secrecy while navigating the every day challenges posed by his irrepressible sister, Dee Dee. Highlights include Dexter's robotic creations, his inventions gone awry, and memorable encounters with fellow geniuses and adversaries.

Building upon the success of its first season, Dexter's Laboratory Season 2 delves deeper into Dexter's experiments and expands the show's universe. Viewers are treated to more elaborate inventions, imaginative storylines, and the introduction of recurring characters like Mandark, Dexter's rival, and Dee Dee's occasional ally in causing chaos. This season further explores Dexter's relationships with his family and peers, blending humor with heartfelt moments.

In Season 3, Dexter's laboratory escapades reach new heights of creativity and hilarity. The series continues to innovate with its storytelling, introducing new inventions, and epic experiments, and exploring Dexter's growing ambitions as a scientist. The dynamics between Dexter and Dee Dee evolve, offering deeper insights into their sibling rivalry and occasional moments of cooperation. Season 3 also features special episodes that showcase Dexter's ventures beyond Earth and into fantastical realms.

Dexter's Laboratory's later seasons deliver a satisfying culmination of the series' themes. Dexter faces increasingly complex challenges in his quest for scientific greatness, often complicated by Dee Dee's unpredictable interference. 

DVD Presentation:

The DVD set faithfully preserves each season's episodes in their original broadcast order, allowing fans to revisit their favorite moments and witness Dexter's evolution as a scientist and sibling. The video and audio quality are commendable, maintaining the vibrant animation style and clear dialogue that defined the show. 

Packaging and Design:

The DVD collection is elegantly packaged with artwork that captures the spirit of Dexter's inventive world. The discs are housed securely in a durable case, complemented by user-friendly menus that facilitate easy navigation through episodes. Or you can select "play all" to watch all the episodes on each disc. The attention to detail in packaging ensures that this set is not only a collector's item but also a functional addition to any animation enthusiast's library.

Overall Impression:

Dexter's Laboratory Complete Series on DVD is a definitive homage to one of the most beloved animated series of its time. Whether reliving cherished memories or discovering Dexter's antics for the first time, this collection celebrates the show's enduring appeal and creative ingenuity. With its comprehensive content, enhanced by insightful bonus features, this DVD set is a must-have for fans of all ages, reaffirming Dexter's Laboratory as a timeless classic in animated television.

Dexter's Laboratory was a staple for many who grew up in the '90s and early '00s. This set is a perfect way to revisit those afternoons spent glued to the TV.

Dexters Laboratory: The Complete Series will be available everywhere you purchase physical media on June 25!

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