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Support CRAZY BITCHES 2!!!

The team behind CRAZY BITCHES is back and they need YOUR HELP to bring this next installment to life. You can back the film and do your Xmas shopping at the same time! They've got some fun swag and exciting opportunities that will ship just in time to put under the tree or on it. Plus you can get a little of your shopping out of the way while you support a bunch of Crazy Bitches in front of and behind the camera. What's not to love?   CRAZY BITCHES 2: Mommies Behaving Badly is written and ready to go, so we are turning to you - fans of CRAZY BITCHES, fans of horror/comedy, fans of our actors, fans of our director, fans of indie film, fans of films made by women about women. We are laying the future of this film in your hands and promising in return that you will have a sequel that is funnier, sexier, crazier, creepier and scream-ier than the first. Check out the INDIEGOGO campaign here .

Following Films Podcast Episode 37: Thomas Conyers director of Day by Day

Thomas Conyers has always had a dream of making a series that gave the cinematic experience, like Walking Dead and video games such as Bioshock and Last of Us ; puts the audience in the action.  To enhance this story, he wanted to add different backdrops from different cultures and more exotic characters from all over the planet.  Thomas wants to create a tv experience that combines the cinematic experience of a tv series and the interface of a video game.  The result is Day by Day .

a look at the Devils in Disguise INDIEGOGO campaign

  Inspired by a variety of staple films from the past, a cinema lover and a renaissance man, Guillaume Campanacci, composed his maiden feature movie around a 'classic love triangle, with a twist', against a Californian urban setting. The story centers around two flatmates, Leila (Magen Mattox) and Sandy (Montanna Gillis), who conspire to take revenge on Leila's sadistic boyfriend (Guillaume Campanacci). It is a film underlined with violence and told through strong, non-linear structure, with poetic and sensual imagery. In essence, it's a meditation on friendship, love, trust, and murder, presented to us as a perfect blend of reality and dream-like fantasy sequences. As an artist, Guillaume Campanacci, is primarily interested in bringing back the flare of the 'Golden Age' of the French Cinema. Guillaume Campanacci  (writer/director/actor/producer) Guillaume  was born and raised in Cannes, France. He attended the prestigious engineer school &q